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See that 10 acre pond in our 2017 document above, showing the path of erosion from PARKS stormwater outfall.  That pond got washed away after a storm in August 2018.  

The stormwater management failure at the Park Police facility was pointed out to PARKS, starting with calls in 2017, then in writing in our 2018 lawsuit. Yet, still in 2019 we see no changes or improvement in stormwater management from PARKS.  

December 2017 Rensselaerville Town Meeting Complaint about PARKS stormwater overflow

"PARKS is quite sure that they have surface water issues under control, but that doesn’t appear to be the case. Due to the ~ 3 acres of land clearing, we are seeing surface water runoff to the northeast of the site in excess of that over the previous 19 years of personal observation. The 4’ culvert  on County Route 358 between the Thompson’s and Amedure’s properties was washed out this October after a significant rainfall. The culvert is downstream from the cleared range area. The washout closed the road and caused Albany County to have to repair the culvert and road. The direct relationship to the range may not be provable in court, but reveals basic problems with the Park Police’s poor storm water control design and implementation – as it never happened prior to the Park Police clear cutting for the range construction."    

PARKS stormwater mismanagment after building thier range has destroyed a county road, washed out a truly beloved family pond, and sent untold gallons of turbid water into Fox Creek, a Class C (TS) trout spawning stream.  

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