NYS Park Police Shooting Range


Range and First Lawsuit 2017-2018

In 2017, the NYS Office of Parks, Recreation, and Historic Preservation (PARKS) surreptitiously built a 10 lane rifle range at their small Rensselaerville training center for Park Police. PARKS did not follow the regulation or guidelines of State Environmental Quality Review Act.  A small group of surrounding landowners quickly brought a lawsuit that identified how the State regulations were ignored by PARKS, and the suit's settlement ended use of the range.  

Now in 2019, flush with $436M of taxpayer money, PARKS is doubling down and looking to expand this closed down mess into an even bigger shooting facility. 

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Ten AR-15 rifles shooting rapid fire this close to a house!!

PARKS, The Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight

How we stopped use of the range after only 10 weeks of shooting

This long list of violations and mistakes by PARKS illustrates their competence to design, build and manage a range.

Lawsuit and 2017 SEQR Documents

Performing Construction before completing the State Environmental Quality Review (SEQR), 2017

Environmental Quality Review before construction provides the opportunity to adjust plans and designs to meet the existing environmental conditions, but PARKS did construction first and then the SEQR. 

Ready, Shoot, Aim!

PARKS 2017 SEQR concludes with a Conditional Negative Declaration

Since the range was built already, This'll work! was the obvious conclusion for PARKS SEQR. 


Ready, Shoot, Aim!

Groundwater Monitoring for Lead Contamination, 2017 - 2019

Shooting into their rocky berm shatters bullets into small fragments, some of which will ricochet out of the range area...into the acidic Helderberg soils. PARKS plan for monitoring their groundwater for lead contamination was wait till it gets to our drinking water well.    

Ready, Shoot, Aim!

Stormwater overflows wipe out 10 acre lake and County road, 2017-2018

PARKS loss of stormwater control was detailed to them in the 2018 lawsuit, but nothing was done to fix their water overflow during storm events.  Six months later their overflow into a neighbor's pond wiped out the beaver dam, and a 10 acre pond at least 75 years old was washed into Fox Creek.

Ready, Shoot, Aim!

Public Notice of shooting at the range, December 2018

PARKS issues a public notice they're going to start shooting at the range in 2 days as part of a noise study. Only they forgot the lawsuit settlement they signed, that says they can't shoot at the range.   With a phone call, that plan was rescinded and no shooting took place.

Click below to find out why we shut down their noise study.

Ready, Shoot, Aim!