PARKS Lead Control Design is Failing

PARKS FOIL Response shows lead contaminated water discharged offsite and this should be fixed immediately

Lead is migrating offsite from the Shooting Range. Based on the sample analysis data delivered by PARKS in response to a FOIL request, the site is sending lead contaminated surface water offsite in two directions. Both vectors lead to the headwaters of Fox Creek, a class C (TS) trout spawning stream.

The pre-range baseline sampling found no lead in any their 7 surface water samples and this new lead contamination in the surface water is only found after PARKS use of the range. All the recent surface water samples contain lead, and trendlines are clearly showing an increase in lead transported offsite since the range was in use. 

Unfortunately, PARKS is not collecting the data needed to evaluate compliance with Ambient Water Quality Criteria (AWQC), which would need a measurement of both “dissolved” lead and water hardness. AWQC limits relating to propagation and survival of fish in fresh water are 2.5 – 65 µg/L dissolved lead (assuming 100 mg/L hardness). 

A lead issue of this magnitude is alarming given the limited lead introduction to the environment to date. This lead issue is present after three shooting sessions of two weeks in 2017, not the year-round shooting anticipated by PARKS in their new EIS Scope.  The data supplied by PARKS has been tabulated above, and each graph has a trendline.  

Original Data

Want the original lab analysis data?  We have the reports available for download here

Lab Reports