PARKS Groundwater Monitoring


PARKS failed to perform a competent pre-construction groundwater investigation, such NYSDEC would recognize. Monitoring groundwater, according to the NYSDEC, calls for installation of 3 wells near the site to determine groundwater level and flow direction. These are the wells that would be tested for metals, so contamination would be detected before it reaches their own drinking water well.

Yet PARKS “groundwater monitoring plan” consists of sampling their drinking water well annually. This is potentially dangerous to themselves, as if that well shows exceedance for lead (or other metals, which they don’t plan to evaluate at all), they could have been providing unacceptable water to their own cadets and staff, for up to a year!  PARKS SEQR paid lip service to the potential for groundwater contamination, and avoided the costs involved in professionally addressing the issue.

In their SEQR, the Park Police say the range may impact surface and/or groundwater with lead. They do not mention copper, which jackets most of their bullets and is more toxic to the amphibians living in the wet surface of our forests and wetlands. Neither do they mention arsenic or other metals which are typically added to bullet lead (to increase hardness).


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